Meet the Forum Forensics Team

Meet the Forum Forensics Team

Meet the Forum Forensic Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned structural engineers who have diverse industry experience. With over 115 years of combined experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of structural engineering that allows us to identify root causes and provide practical remedies. Each team member brings unique skillsets and career experience, allowing us to better serve our clients. Learn more about our team below.

William Ranieri, P.E. 


William Ranieri is a 1985 graduate of Valparaiso University of Indiana. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural engineering. Prior to his acquisition of Monta Consulting and Design (MCD), a full-service design firm in 2006, William worked in and throughout the metal-plate-connected wood truss industry. His tenure includes the position of Chief Engineer for Alpine Engineered Products and General Manager of Stock Building Supply.  

William has extensive experience in structural inspections, reports and has provided expert opinion and testimony for underperforming truss systems, roof collapses, and truss installation failures. He also leads by example when it comes to responsiveness and accuracy, which transcend throughout the Forum Forensic culture. 

Colin Gardella, P.E. 

Director of Engineering

Colin graduated with his Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Central Florida in 2008 and has over 20 years of industry experience. Newly graduated and ready to conquer the engineering world, Colin became part of the team. It was always his goal to become licensed, and owner Bill Ranieri, also a structural engineer, worked alongside Colin in his early years to help him achieve that goal. In his journey to licensure, Colin developed his skills in structural engineering, truss engineering, site inspections, and forensics. Colin also has extensive knowledge of engineering diverse and mixed construction materials, including wood, concrete and pre-cast, steel, curtain walls, and many other specialty construction types.

Today Colin leads other team members in learning engineering best practices and project management techniques. He is also passionate about integrating the latest technology into Forums' services with our proprietary software. Colin's most valuable contribution to our team is his uncanny gift of remembering and recounting every detail of each case, making him excel at forensic engineering.  

Thuy H. Huynh, P.E. 

Senior Staff Engineer

Thuy received her degree in Civil Engineering at the University of South Florida in 1997 and has over 23 years of practice. Her background in single-family and multi-family housing and light commercial is an asset for the Forum team and our clients. Thuy also specializes in steel designs and retrofit solutions. 

Before Thuy's tenure at Forum Forensics, she began her career at Dansco Engineering as an Engineer in Training before earning her licensure. One of Thuy's unique areas of expertise learned early in her career is site inspections and the analysis of existing structures. The research includes an evaluation of buildings' structural integrity and a report recommending retrofit solutions. This service is typically for aging buildings needing reinforcement and feasibility studies.

Serkan Kocaoz. P.E. 

Senior Field Engineer

Serkan's passion for structural engineering began with the start of his career in Istanbul, TR. He worked with Eralko Engineering & Construction Co. as a Structural Design Engineer from October 1997 to February 1999. From August 2000 to August 2002, he became a Graduate Research Assistant in Rolla, Missouri. After that, he continued to pave his journey as an Associate Structural Engineer and achieved Assistant Engineer in 2003. 

In his most recent project, he analyzed and designed the Kirkman Road Extension in Orlando, FL, constructed of curved steel bridges. He analyzed and designed the superstructure utilizing LUSAS Bridge Plus and CSI Bridge per FDOT and AASHTO 8th Edition standards. Serkan is familiar with various construction materials and methods, including heavy steel, cold-formed steel, suspension structures, wood, concrete, and curtain walls. In addition to his technical knowledge, his investigative and reporting skills are unparalleled. 

Erik Brown, P.E.

Senior Consulting Engineer

Erik Brown graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Although his early career focused on the design and permitting of commercial site plans, he later developed a fascination with inspections and, since 2010, has examined hundreds of existing residential and commercial structures. His experience includes many forensic investigations to determine the cause, origin, and duration of building failures. 

Erik is not only experienced in providing conclusive reports but has extensive experience in working with claims adjustors and aggregators. His understanding of industry standards and protocol greatly benefits our team and clients. Erik has been called upon to testify as an expert witness in many cases and understand what it takes to prepare and present findings properly.  

Nico Ranieri

Business Development

Nico Ranieri started his career in the industry in 2019. Even though he is new to his current role, his exposure to the industry began in his youth as he watched his father and owner, Bill Ranieri, grow what Monta Consulting and Design is today. Nico attended Colorado State University on a full scholarship to play football as the quarterback. He then attended the University of Central Florida, where he graduated with his Bachelor's in Political Science. Nico continued his education at Barry University, completing his law degree and internship with Busbin Law Firm.

Nico's experience brings a unique skill set to Forum Forensics. He is highly involved in contract negotiations and legal reviews and serves as a great resource to our team, considering the litigiousness of the industry. It also adds protection for our clients!

The diverse Forum Forensics team works together and collaborates in order to deliver conclusive results and accurate reporting in a timely manner.   Contact us today to request your forensic

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