Welcome Letter from the Owner

Welcome Letter from the Owner

Dear Valued Industry Professionals and Future Partners,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves and acquaint you with our range of forensic engineering services that are now available in your area.

What's in a Name?

When contemplating our brand and mission, we considered the history and future of engineering itself. Civil/Structural engineering began when humans first decided to alter the natural world to create structures that would grant them improved safety and comfort. As civilization progressed, individuals practicing engineering would congregate in what were known as "forums" to educate, share experience, and establish best practices. Although, the venue has changed over time, forums still take place today and serve as a platform for engineers to gain wisdom from the past and insight for the future. Our team understands that to provide a conclusive forensic investigation, we must rely on shared knowledge and experience while staying current with ever improving science-based investigation methods. The "Forum Forensics" name clearly embodies the principles that are central to the services we provide.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned professional engineers who have diverse industry experience. With over 115 years of combined experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of civil/structural engineering and building design that allows us to identify root causes of failures and recommend remedial action when required. Learn more about our team here.

Meeting Today's Demands for a Secure Future

The demand for forensic engineering is growing and will continue to increase due to aging structures, an uptick in extreme weather events, and the litigious nature of construction. In July of 2021, the United States received a C-Minus on its infrastructure report card. The grade indicates that approximately half of our structures are nearing the end of their structural lifecycle and that remediation and repairs are imminent. The infrastructure grade in our southeast service region is slightly higher because construction in these areas is generally newer. Nonetheless, catastrophic damage can still result when maintenance is deferred as recent events in this region have revealed all too clearly.

In addition, the southeastern coastal region is susceptible to other damages caused by climate and weather events.  The Insurance Information Institute published a list of the top 10 costliest hurricanes in U.S. history as of February 2022, from Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to Hurricane Michael in 2018. All 10 of these storms impacted the southeastern coast of the United States, from the Gulf Coast, up to the barrier islands of North Carolina. Total insured losses: over $340 billion in 2021 dollars. The weather patterns of the southeast indicate another storm will most likely impact the region before full recovery is achieved from the most recent storms. At Forum Forensics, our goal is to provide our clients with actionable information in a timely manner that will allow them to reduce overall turnaround times and effectively lighten the load for their staff.  

Here to Serve...Better

Forum Forensics serves insurance adjusters, property managers, attorneys, investors, and property owners by providing structural inspections and forensic assessments for residential and commercial construction. Our team is well versed in the most common causes for investigation, including structural failures, storm damage, aging buildings, and due diligence reports. To learn more about our services and when to request a structural inspection, check out our services page.

While Forum Forensics is an experienced team, our approach to our operations is progressive. Our commitment to transparency, responsiveness, and providing solutions is evident in the client experience from start to end. Forum Forensics' proprietary system allows clients instant access to the investigation's live status and keeps a detailed record of every event and update throughout the project.

Our team understands that each assignment takes a partnership to achieve the best outcome. This understanding is the foundation of our organization, and we show we value others by being available, conclusive, and responsive. To learn more about how the Forum Forensics team can help you find success in the most stressful of circumstances contact us at your convenience.


William M. Ranieri, P.E.


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